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Accessing 820 processor's image processing ability?

Is it possible to make use of the Qualcomm 820’s image processing (openCV) hardware? I’d like to take a snapshot with Misty’s camera and then run a sobel filter (edge detection) then display that on Misty’s LCD screen. possible?

Hi @klaila,

I’m not entirely sure how much detail you’re looking for, but at a high level, a potential approach would be:

  1. Create a C# Misty skill
  2. Add the OpenCvSharp4 and OpenCvSharp4.runtime.uwp NuGet packages
  3. Write code that essentially does:
_misty.TakePicture(foo)   // acquires and downloads a picture
// edit and process the image however you'd like
_misty.SaveImage(bar)    // uploads and displays an image

Awesome, thanks!! This will hopefully be for a Misty artist-bot in an art exhibit.