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About the What Will You Build? category

At Misty, we’ve thought a lot about what we could ask a personal robot to do for us. After each brainstorming session, however, we are struck by just how many more things there are that people will think up for Misty robots to do. We know each home, each office, each life has its own unique aspects and challenges.

In the office tasks like reception, telepresence, security patrol, inventory cycle counting or even having the robot trailer carry a microphone to test sound reception throughout a specific space. In the home tasks like seeing if grandma left the oven on, nagging the kids to do their chores, getting the dog off the couch, locating a lost item, or taking candid photos of family members and pets.

We have been amazed at the tasks people we talk to come up with regularly.

  • For those with robots already, what are you working on? What would you like to work on but need additional guidance or capabilities first?

  • For those awaiting a robot, what are you thinking about building? What skills could you see being valuable to you?

Post these ideas in this category for discussion.

What will you build?

Mainly I am developing ways that a purely robotic device could take the place of a companion animal, since there are obvious limitations to the types of services these working animals can fulfill. Plus I am of the opinion that a robot would be a far superior companion than a human. Since a robot could not betray you, lie to you, steal from you, or throw you under the bus (unless programmed to do so, which would be stupid.) then a robot with the right capabilities could e the answer to alot of the problems that a high functioning Autistic like myself encounter with humans.

Moreover, a robot could be tuned to best serve people with special cases such as blind owners or owners with Autism. I look forward to seeing more posts and dev from you @zacharykaryl :slight_smile:

As I am able. Right now I am working on a design of a drone that utilizes lighter than air lifters instead of rotor driven lifters. Should reduce noise and of course power requirements. The only problem I am having is finding a gas envelope that can lift a 10 - 12 oz. payload without being larger than 2 feet in diameter…