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Misty Community Forum

About the Misty Skills category

Skills are the abilities that you can create by writing software for your Misty Robot. In addition, you can share skills with other inventors.

To post in this category be sure to include:

  • Title of your Skill (Prepend “Misty Skill:” to the beginning for ease of search and discovery)
  • Description of your Skill.
  • Link to your Github (or similar) repository.
  • Any installation instructions or external dependencies your skill requires for others to run.
    Post in this category to discuss the development of skills, share skills, or ask questions about developing skills.
  • NOTE: Before posting, please make sure you remove any passwords, credentials, or tokens your skill makes use of!

Here’s a template to get you started:

Check out some Sample Skills MistyCommunitySkills Github organization

For topics about extending Misty robots via hardware you should look to the Misty Accessories sub-category.