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Ability to have a relationship model that understands how humans are related


Would love to see a central store of identifiers for people including Face Req data, Name, and relationship. Relationship being the key add. Seeing Aibo made me think of how pets understand who is Family, Occasional visitors and strangers. Pets also get hierarchy in a household. Would love to do some work on leveraging a model like this. This also could help with Multi-user sign in etc. More of the AI Assistants are allowing things like multiuser/account sharing/ User voice req. But none really focus on relationships between those users.

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This is pretty interesting. Surely an AI Assistant with the capability of establishing relationships and connections between the people it encounters would add a realistic component to the robots personality and an ability to have unique encounters with people. Specifically in a product like Aibo, this makes the robot seem very pet-like and makes for a more meaningful encounter.


@seymoursparks Thanks for the post, I have not given much thought to multi-user or household level relational hierarchies. I’m curious if you can point us toward any research or any examples of implementation that you find promising?


Hey Chris. No I actually haven’t seen a good implementation of this. Most of the research that hits this area is around cultural consciousness in robots. I have been digging around though to see what else I can find on this. I will add anything as it comes up.


@seymoursparks Keep us posted! I haven’t really been able to find much on my end as well. I’ll update this thread if I come across something.