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A recording issue

Yesterday I noticed some weird recording issues. I was using the same code calling the start and stop audio recording APIs. It used to work fine, recording sound for 5 seconds, but yesterday it stopped working. It basically recorded completely ‘silent’ audio files.

I found a quick fix is to delete audio files when I no longer need it. I usually use the same file name whenever I ask Misty to record sound. If I delete the file before recording the next time, the issue seems to go away.

But I am curious to learn if anyone else has run into similar recording issues before, and if this is the expected behavior of the audio recording APIs.


I have also had run into this exact issue. I will try the delete workaround though as I haven’t attempted that yet, I just rebooted Misty to resolve the issue.

I am going to move this to the bugs category and bring it up at today’s “bug triage” meeting. Thanks!


I currently have my robot in the “blank recording” state, does the team need any dumps/logs?

It wouldn’t hurt to have your logs. Could you follow these steps to download a diagnostic report from your robot and attach the .zip in an email to support@mistyrobotics.com?

Hi @fishbb! One thing you could try is saving each audio recording as a new name each time (we’re looking into the root cause now!)

@cameron Seemed to find this worked more consistently:
let outputFilename = getRandomInt(50) + "_temp_output_audio.wav";

Anecdotally, I’m still getting the blank recording issue from time to time, but it’s much less consistent than when I name the file the same thing. Let me know if that helps on your robot!

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I’ve been having the same problem too. I get 2-3 voice recorded inputs before Misty records nothing…

Thanks @sean.audley; this bug is still active and will be present in Misty’s next release (scheduled for today). We’ll ask the team for a status update, and post here if there is any news.

Cool beanies @johnathan. I’m assuming if I made a quick script and used the C# SDK the bug would still be present?

My hunch is that it would still be an issue with the C# SDK – but I’m actually not sure. Will check on that, too :slight_smile:

@sean.audley – It sounds like we are making progress, but still working to root cause the issue.

This issue has to do with the audio service running on Misty’s 820 processor. The C# SDK uses the same audio service as the REST & JavaScript API, which, unfortunately, means you won’t be able to work around it this way.

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Cheers for the update @johnathan :metal:

I am having the same exact issue too. :frowning: Any updates on this one?

No updates yet, @bradbruno. We’re hoping to have a fix out in the next few release cycles. For now, you can workaround the issue by setting Misty’s default volume lower than the default (65% or less).

Quick update on this!

The “Misty records silent audio” issue is resolved by the Android patch released on January 7, 2020. This patch will not be installed automatically as part of an over-the-air system update. Instead, it must be applied manually, from a computer connected to the same network as your Misty II robot.

Along with fixing the recording bug, this patch greatly improves the performance of Misty’s SLAM system. You can download the patch and find installation instructions in this post:

Let us know if you have questions or need help applying the patch!

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I guess I have a “me too” problem here. I couldn’t record video with sound even I set mute to false.

I found the default duration for record was setting to 0, which I could manually set to any number between 0 and 180. Therefore, I guess I have no problem with the duration of recording as long as I don’t take more than 3 minutes.

Add to the suite of problems, I can’t get the API GetVideoReocrding with base64 to work.

When I run the API “/api/videos/recordings?name=Misty_video&base64=true”,
the error says “failed to connect to specific URL”.

However, if I say base64=false, it works.

My problem can be reproduced on API Explorer.

Is there a way for Misty to play the video on her screen?

Also, for external request, I can display the Youtube video image on her screen but I can’t play.

Does anybody know what API should I call to play video on Misty? API to pause and stop the video too?

Many thanks.

Best regards,