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A recording issue

Yesterday I noticed some weird recording issues. I was using the same code calling the start and stop audio recording APIs. It used to work fine, recording sound for 5 seconds, but yesterday it stopped working. It basically recorded completely ‘silent’ audio files.

I found a quick fix is to delete audio files when I no longer need it. I usually use the same file name whenever I ask Misty to record sound. If I delete the file before recording the next time, the issue seems to go away.

But I am curious to learn if anyone else has run into similar recording issues before, and if this is the expected behavior of the audio recording APIs.


I have also had run into this exact issue. I will try the delete workaround though as I haven’t attempted that yet, I just rebooted Misty to resolve the issue.

I am going to move this to the bugs category and bring it up at today’s “bug triage” meeting. Thanks!


I currently have my robot in the “blank recording” state, does the team need any dumps/logs?

It wouldn’t hurt to have your logs. Could you follow these steps to download a diagnostic report from your robot and attach the .zip in an email to

Hi @fishbb! One thing you could try is saving each audio recording as a new name each time (we’re looking into the root cause now!)

@cameron Seemed to find this worked more consistently:
let outputFilename = getRandomInt(50) + "_temp_output_audio.wav";

Anecdotally, I’m still getting the blank recording issue from time to time, but it’s much less consistent than when I name the file the same thing. Let me know if that helps on your robot!

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I’ve been having the same problem too. I get 2-3 voice recorded inputs before Misty records nothing…

Thanks @sean.audley; this bug is still active and will be present in Misty’s next release (scheduled for today). We’ll ask the team for a status update, and post here if there is any news.

Cool beanies @johnathan. I’m assuming if I made a quick script and used the C# SDK the bug would still be present?

My hunch is that it would still be an issue with the C# SDK – but I’m actually not sure. Will check on that, too :slight_smile:

@sean.audley – It sounds like we are making progress, but still working to root cause the issue.

This issue has to do with the audio service running on Misty’s 820 processor. The C# SDK uses the same audio service as the REST & JavaScript API, which, unfortunately, means you won’t be able to work around it this way.

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Cheers for the update @johnathan :metal: