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A Mounting Bracket for Misty's Head


Please make available an accessory that provides a flat-bottomed and vertically-oriented mounting bracket for Misty’s head. This would support projects that need to attach a hardware attachment, such as a special purpose camera, to Misty’s head. I tried using double-sided tape to attach a small special purpose camera to the removable antenna on Misty II’s head but it is not secure nor in an upright orientation. See image below:


Indeed – a standardized solution for this would clearly make projects much easier! Thanks, @miker!


@steven I think you’d appreciate this one!

@miker Thanks for this, we’re going to give this some though. In the meantime depending on the weight of the camera, would the top of the visor be a better mounting position?


Unfortunately the camera has a prefab cable which needs to attach to the Arduino which is only 8-inches long.


heya @miker, I have a couple quick questions for you.

  1. Is it possible to have the camera on top of the head rather than the side? Is the cable long enough for that? The top of the head is the best place in terms of balance, so you’ll work the motors less and consume less power by putting it on top.

  2. How heavy is the camera? We have never done any testing with a significant weight on the head. Have you powered up the robot with the camera attached to the head already? Has it appeared to work OK? As long as its light enough I don’t anticipate any problems, so I’m mostly asking out of curiosity at this point. Anything you can do comfortably to keep the weight down will be a good idea just as a precaution, but also because you’ll consume less power in doing so. Something to keep in mind is all.

We’re talking currently about mounting solutions there. We’ll get back to you ASAP with thoughts, questions, etc…


Hello @steven . I am glad you mentioned these issues to me.
Some of the reasons I chose the mounting solution that I did:

  • Since Misty II is a loaner I avoided any mounting solution that would permanently damage it.
  • The camera came with a prefabricated cable meant to attach to an Arduino that is 8-inches
    in length.
  • I avoided the top of the head partly because of the presence of the fan.
    Also to try to avoid having the camera knocked off the robot if it happened
    to travel under a low object such as a table.
  • I don’t believe weight is an issue.
    The specifications claim that the camera itself weights 10 grams.
    The case I printed on my 3D printer is lightweight as is the
    prefab cable.
  • I have powered up the robot with the camera attached and head movement
    appears to be unaffected. The head still occasionally begins to
    violently oscillate up-and-down but it did that before I mounted
    the camera.
  • The panel on the side of the robot’s head with the dark grey antenna
    is removable so I assumed that there were plans to offer replacement
    items to go in that location.
    I hope this helps. Any mounting guidance is appreciated.