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360 Video: Go on a Mission With Zipline’s Delivery Drones

Pretty awesome use of drones. Nice to see them scale up from the early tests

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Same company, different application:

Love how they launch them.

It’s interesting that with all of the focus on multirotor drones, we often forget the benefits of fixed-wing aircraft, i.e. much longer flight times, larger payloads etc.

As a side note, their battery pack is pretty serious, although it looks hand made:
(screen shot from the video)

Possibly a 6S4P (6 in series, so 22v, and 4 in parallel to get the needed capacity). The odd thing is the density of cells is very low. Perhaps for cooling? though I don’t see ant vents in the body of the aircraft for airflow.

I think we’ll start seeing a lot of VTOL airplanes that combine benefits from both worlds. Classic airplanes with large enough useful payloads just can’t be used everywhere simply because of the requirements for take-off and landing. Or unique mechansims for handling the launch/recovery, like ScanEagle UAVs do with their catapult launch and cable recovery mechansim : YouTube (1:00 for launch, 1:45 for recovery). Or we’ll start seeing craft like the fanwing, which is now capable of Short TOL but is theoretically capable of VTOL. YouTube

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Forget ziplines and VTOL, I’m thinking trebuchet launch! :stuck_out_tongue: