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2020.03.19 System Update

Greetings, Misty developers!

Along with the usual set of bug fixes, upgrades, and reliability enhancements, this release brings several new features to Misty’s skill system. To highlight a few, you can now read and write persistent data across JavaScript and .NET skills, and we’ve added the ability to broadcast custom events from within a skill to trigger callbacks in other skills that are running at the same time. We’ve also made it easier to adjust the settings for Misty’s hazards system, and we’ve added the command to change these settings to Misty’s JavaScript and .NET SDKs.

You can read about all of the changes in the release notes below. Thanks, as always, for being an early developer for the Misty II platform. We can’t wait to see what you build!

Installing the Update

Misty receives software upgrades as over-the-air (OTA) system updates. This update will be available within the next 24-48 hours (the precise timing varies by region).

Misty automatically checks for new updates each time she boots up. As long as her battery has enough charge, she automatically installs any updates that are available. If your robot doesn’t start to install this update the next time she boots up:

  • Check that Misty is connected to power or sitting on her wireless charging station.
  • Try connecting Misty to the Command Center to make sure she’s still on your Wi-Fi network.

If Misty is charging and connected to the internet, you can check whether an update is available in your region by connecting Misty to the Command Center and looking at the System Updates section.

Note: Misty reboots once during a system update. During an update, Misty ignores all commands except Halt and Stop. If Misty starts installing an update while charging, do not remove the power source until the update is finished and Misty’s eyes are fully open.

If you have issues with a system update or need technical assistance for other reasons, for the quickest response you can:

  • Post a message to the Support category here in the Community forums.
  • Contact the Misty support team through the chat embedded in this site, or by emailing support@mistyrobotics.com.

Release Contents

  • Misty II - Updates
    • Window IoT Core OS version: 10.0.17134 or higher - No updates
    • Android OS: 8.1 - No updates
    • Robot Version:
    • MC Version:
    • RT Version:
    • Sensory Services App Version: 1.14.2
  • Web-based Tools - Updates. Major changes listed.
  • Misty JavaScript Extension for VSC - No updates.
  • Misty App - No updates.
  • Documentation - Documentation for new features and software changes available within 1-2 business days of release announcement.

New Features

Added ability to broadcast custom events to other running skills from within a JavaScript or .NET skill. This supplements the existing option to trigger events within a skill by issuing a request to the TriggerEvent operation in Mistys’ REST API.

  • Use the new TriggerEvent command in Misty’s JavaScript or .NET SDK to broadcast custom event messages (with custom event data) to registered event listeners in any running skill, whether those skills were built with Misty’s JavaScript or .NET SDK.
  • Use the new TriggerPermissions attribute in the meta file (for JavaScript skills) or NativeRobotSkill class (for .NET skills) to set which skills the current skill can receive custom event messages from.

New options for managing Misty’s hazard system settings.

  • Added UpdateHazardSettings command to Misty’s JavaScript and .NET SDKs, so you can change hazard settings from within a skill.
  • The UpdateHazardSettings command now accepts boolean parameters for toggling all time-of-flight (ToF) and bump sensor hazards. Additionally, the parameters for setting individual bump and ToF hazard settings no longer require you to specify a new setting for every sensor each time you issue an UpdateHazardSettings command.
  • Added GetHazardSettings command to Misty’s REST API, JavaScript SDK, and .NET SDK.

Added ability to create and share persistent data across .NET and JavaScript skills.

  • Added new commands to Misty’s .NET SDK for reading, writing, and removing shared data.
  • Added ability to read and write shared data across JavaScript and .NET skills.
  • Added ReadPermissions/WritePermissions parameters to the NativeRobotSkill class. You can use these parameters to set which skills are allowed to read and write to the data you create with a particular .NET skill.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

Misty II

General Improvements

  • Improved messaging from Misty’s drive encoders. Formerly, the system sent a new drive encoder message every time the software on Misty’s 410 received a firmware message from either the left or right drive encoder. Now, the system sends a drive encoder message only after the 410 receives a firmware message from both encoders.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the system to generate a defective log message each time Misty issued an external request.
  • Various communication and hardware controller improvements around preventing Misty from dropping commands.
  • Improved wake word reliability by adding logic that has Misty attempt to recover from failed attempts to start keyphrase recognition.
  • Fixed an issue where the RevertToDefault argument for several display setting commands expected the value to be a string instead of a boolean.
  • Changed the value of the SensorID property in SlamStatus messages to StructureCore.
  • Modified sensory services app to ensure that Misty’s SLAM service shuts down completely when you issue a DisableSlamService command.
  • Memory warnings from the firmware now write fewer messages to Misty’s logs. (Seeing all these messages wasn’t helpful, and eliminating some of them makes the logs easier to read.)
  • Separated robot configuration data from user configuration data to prevent corruption of robot configuration.
  • Added robot SKU number to GetDeviceInformation results.
  • Added SKU checks for handling unsupported commands in the Misty II Basic Edition.
    • JavaScript skills send a broadcast message and write to the log on encountering a command that is not supported.
    • C# skills return error information in the response for invalid commands to indicate that the command is not supported.
    • REST requests for invalid commands return a 503 and an error message indicating that a command is not supported.
    • Attempts to register for unsupported WebSocket connections return error messages.
    • The system denies attempts to register listeners for unsupported events in JavaScript and .NET skills, and writes details of the denied attempt to Misty’s log.
  • Added check to prevent keyphrase recognition from attempting to start when it is already running.
  • Increased max upload size for image, audio, and video assets from 6MB to 9MB
  • Added support for uploading and playing back audio files with a file type extension of .m4a.


  • Changed created date parameters for event messages to private setters.
  • Improved handling of nullable parameters.
  • Added “permissions” properties for managing shared data (ReadPermissions/WritePermissions), starting and stopping skills (StartPermissions), and triggering skill events (TriggerPermissions) to the NativeRobotSkill class.
  • Fixed skill cancellation issues where child skills were not being cancelled properly and correctly.
  • Added WaitAsync command to .NET SDK. Use this command instead of Wait to avoid blocking threads.

Web-based Tools

  • Updated top navigation menu to display the same links as the corporate Misty Robotics website.

Skill Runner

  • Added option to force Misty to reload her installed skills.
  • Fixed issue where the Skill Runner failed to show Misty’s currently running skills when you refreshed the web page.
  • Added ability to get the list of image assets when using a robot running older software that does support the GetVideosList operation.

Command Center

  • Updated interface to allow image, audio, and video file uploads of 9MB
  • Updated interface to support audio file uploads with a .m4a file type extension

Known Issues

The following is a list of new known issues with this release. For a comprehensive list of the issues we’re tracking, see the Known Issues section of the Community forums.

  • When using Misty to stream audio and video from her local server over RTSP, the audio playback in your streaming client may be very delayed or distorted, or may not work at all. We’ve identified the root cause, are actively working on a solution, and expect to release a fix soon. Track this issue.