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2020.03.04 Misty Uplinks - AV streaming with Misty, release recap, and more!

Join us 2020-03-05T01:00:00Z for the next Uplinks broadcast!


Uplinks is the bi-weekly broadcast of everything happening here at Misty and the industry in general, and it’s your chance to ask questions and engage with the Misty team directly. Make sure to let us know what topics you’d like covered in future events, and ask questions ahead of time by registering for the event and clicking on the Ask a Question button.

We’ll start this next broadcast by walking through some of the new features introduced in Misty’s 2020.02.18 System Update, including AV streaming and the new APIs for customizing what Misty shows on her display. We’ll give a quick demonstration of how to stream audio and video from Misty to VLC over your local network connection, and we’ll take time to answer any questions you have about recent releases, upcoming features, or anything else Misty-related.

Save your spot today. We look forward to talking with you!

This is right around the corner! Excited to chat with everyone about AV streaming and other Misty news :robot:

For those who missed it, we have a replay here: Misty Robotics Uplink 3/4/2020 - Crowdcast

Let us know what you think!

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Hi Justin, I found that the video streaming from Misty server is using UDP protocol. This not a popular method for streaming that causes failure on few development software. Please request to change to the TCP protocol and many software can use rtsp or http over TCP protocol. This is just a setting in the Misty streaming server configuration. Please let me know when they can make a change any push an update to Misty. Thanks.