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2020.02.25 System Update

Greetings, Misty developers!

This week’s update lets you configure Misty to use the WebRTC voice activity detection (VAD) tool for speech capture activities. It also includes a handful of bug fixes and improvements across Misty’s REST API and JavaScript/.NET SDKs. See all the details in the release notes below.

Thanks, as always, for being an early developer for the Misty II platform. We can’t wait to see what you build!

Installing the Update

Misty receives software upgrades as over-the-air (OTA) system updates. This update will be available within the next 24-48 hours (the precise timing varies by region).

Misty automatically checks for new updates each time she boots up. As long as her battery has enough charge, she automatically installs any updates that are available. If your robot doesn’t start to install this update the next time she boots up:

  • Check that Misty is connected to power or sitting on her wireless charging station.
  • Try connecting Misty to the Command Center to make sure she’s still on your Wi-Fi network.

If Misty is charging and connected to the internet, you can check whether an update is available in your region by connecting Misty to the Command Center and looking at the System Updates section.

Note: Misty reboots once during a system update. During an update, Misty ignores all commands except Halt and Stop. If Misty starts installing an update while charging, do not remove the power source until the update is finished and Misty’s eyes are fully open.

If you have issues with a system update or need technical assistance for other reasons, for the quickest response you can:

  • Post a message to the Support category here in the Community forums.
  • Contact the Misty support team through the chat embedded in this site, or by emailing

Release Contents

  • Misty II - Updates
    • Window IoT Core OS version: 10.0.17134 or higher - No updates
    • Android OS: (8.1) - No updates
    • Robot Version:
    • MC Version:
    • RT Version:
    • Sensory Services App Version: 1.13.0
  • Web-based Tools - Updates
    • Major changes listed
  • Misty JavaScript Extension for VSC - Updates (1.0.5)
    • Major changes listed
  • Misty App - No Updates
  • Documentation - Updates (available within 24-48 hours of release)
    • Instructions for configuring Misty to use WebRTC for VAD
    • Documentation updates for modified APIs

New Features

Added option to switch between the WebRTC voice activity detection (VAD) engine and Misty’s default VAD engine for speech capture activities. Switching to WebRTC can improve end-of-speech detection and allow Misty to more accurately record human speech. Enable WebRTC by creating (or updating) the audio configuration JSON file ( audio_config.json) at /sdcard/audio/ on Misty’s 820 processor with the following attributes:

  "misty_settings": {
    "vad_engine": "WebRTC"

This is the same configuration file used to set Misty to use “Hey, Snapdragon” as her default wake word. We’re still testing the advantages and disadvantages of using WebRTC for voice activity detection. We chose to release this option now so that you can experiment with us. If you choose to use it, tell us about your experience in the forums!

Bug Fixes & Improvements

Misty II

  • Added option to use the GetVideoRecording command to return Base64-encoded data for the video recordings that Misty creates. Formerly, you could only use this command to download the video file.
  • Added misty.GetVideoRecording() method to Misty’s JavaScript SDK.
  • When you request an audio file, the system now checks that you have used a valid file type extension and that the file exists before attempting to retrieve it. This decreases how long it takes to return an error when you request a file that doesn’t exist.
  • Fixed GetWebSocketNames command to return correct nested properties for each WebSocket class, whether you look up a specific class or do not specify a class to look up.
  • Fixed parameters for the Speak command in Misty’s .NET SDK.
  • Fixed various typos, spelling, and grammatical errors in .NET SDK summary comments.
  • Added simple encrypted and shared data store to MistyRobotics.Tools library.
  • Removed mock robot and simulator functionality from the .NET SDK libraries. (These tools may be released for the community to expand and maintain at a future date.)

Web-based Tools

API Explorer

  • When using the API Explorer to request an image, video, or audio file, you can now set Base64 to false to download the requested asset to your web browser and view or play it in the Response section.
  • Fixed incorrect formatting for string values in JavaScript SDK code samples.
  • Fixed REST API code samples that showed incorrect usage of the FetchClient library.

Command Center

  • Fixed issue where the Stop Face Training button became unresponsive when you tried to train a face with a label that already exists on the robot.
  • Added option to download video and audio recordings without requiring you to create a new recording first.

Skill Runner

  • Improved placement for a number of tooltip displays.

Misty JavaScript (Visual Studio Code Extension)

  • Fixed argument formatting for misty.MoveArm() example.

Known Issues

There are no new known issues with this release. For a comprehensive list of the issues we’re tracking, see the Known Issues section of the Community forums.

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