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2019.11.20 Misty Uplink: Audio Localization!

Join us for this Thanksgiving edition Uplinks of 2019 on November 20, 2019 at 6pm MT. @Chris will be doing another code walkthrough of how to get started using AudioLocalization with your Misty II.


Uplinks is the bi-weekly broadcast of everything happening here at Misty, the industry in general, and your chance to ask questions and engage with the Misty team directly. Make sure to let us know what topics you’d like covered in future events, and ask questions ahead of time by registering and clicking on the ‘Ask a Question’ button.

Save your spot and we look forward to talking with you!


Thanks for the Uplink. I learn so much from these and am super disappointed that my schedule does not allow me to attend real-time. Keep having them, and I watch them next day (sometimes at 2x speed, but have to slow down for the code parts…and back up and re-watch).

Here are some links that I am just noting to check back on later, without having to go into the comments section of the Crowdcast.

What, there are Missions? :slight_smile:

A Misty SWAG Store! Awesome! Especially with Christmas coming up!

@Chris went over Audio Localization file here:

And the moveToSound skill located here:

Everyone recommends following @cp_sridhar CP’s repository:


@MorningR Thanks for your support! We love doing the Uplinks and it’s awesome to know you find them so useful. Let us know if there are topics you’d like us to cover!

Hi @Ashley,

I feel like I landed on planet Misty and every direction there are interesting things to explore, so I do not have a specific topic to suggest.

The only request is that it appears like Misty is going to be attending some live events. If there are special Misty demos that are shown at these, then maybe show in future uplinks for those of us that are not local and able to attend. Thanks.

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Fair enough! If you do land on something that you’d like more explanation on, or a demo of, or just want to talk more about, drop us a line.

We’ll definitely post anything that we cover and walk through things in a recorded session later on!

Yep! And lots more to come!