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2019.10.22 Release Notes

Greetings, Misty developers!

Continuing the bug-squashing spirit of the last release, this update brings further refinements to the platform. In the weeks since we started shipping, we’ve heard from many backers that Misty should act a little more lifelike when she boots up, and a better experience would be if she lifted her head the first time you flip on her power switch. We took this to heart, and after installing this update, Misty will engage her neck motors to look straight ahead each time she powers on. See details on this and other changes below.

While readying this update for robots in the field, we also upgraded Misty’s manufacturing process to use this software version on all robots coming through the line. Each robot built after today will land on developers’ doorsteps with every improvement we’ve made since we started shipping Misty to backers. Many of these changes have been the result of feedback from the Misty community, which means everyone who’s asked questions in the forums, shared observations, and discovered bugs has helped improve the experience for those who will receive the next batch of robots. Your feedback hugely impacts the future of the platform, and we’re so grateful to all who’ve taken the time to share it!

Installing the Update

Misty’s software updates are delivered as over-the-air (“OTA”) updates, and Misty checks for updates each time she boots up. This release will be available to your Misty II within the next 24-48 hours (the precise timing varies by region). If Misty doesn’t automatically download the update the next time she boots up, you can check to see if the update is available via Misty’s Command Center.

Misty reboots once during a system update. All commands except Halt and Stop are disabled while Misty is updating. If Misty starts installing an update while she’s charging, do not disconnect her from her power source until the update is finished and her eyes are fully open.

If you have issues with a system update or need technical assistance for other reasons, for the quickest response you can:

  • Post a message to the Support category here in the Community forums.
  • Contact the Misty support team through the chat embedded in this site, or by emailing

Release Contents

Note: This system update is only available for Misty II robots. Misty I robots will not be updated with this release. If you are a field trial developer with a Misty II prototype, you can find the firmware and software version numbers for your robot in the Field Trial section of the Community Forums.

Misty II - Updates

  • Window IoT Core OS version: 10.0.17134 or higher - No updates
  • Android OS: (8.1) - No updates
  • Robot Version:
  • MC Version:
  • RT Version:
  • Sensory Services App Version: 1.4.4

Web-based Tools

  • Major changes listed

Misty JavaScript (VSC Extension): Updates (v1.0.1)

  • Major changes listed


  • No major changes

Misty App

  • No major changes

New Features

  • When Misty boots up, her neck motors now engage and position her head to look straight ahead.
  • The Command Center now displays status codes for each distance value the time-of-flight sensors stream to the Sensor Data section. Check these status codes to better understand how environmental factors impact the validity of time-of-flight measurements.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

Misty II


  • Improved logging robustness
  • Fixed a bug that caused the system to return incorrect values for battery charge levels

Web Based Tools

Command Center

  • Fixed a bug where, under specific conditions unlikely to exist in the field, the Command Center falsely indicated that updates were available after the system had already successfully installed an update
  • Fixed a bug where using the Command Center to start and stop audio recording also invoked a FollowPath command

API Explorer

  • Fixed a bug that caused the API Explorer to generate and display syntax examples for methods that do not exist in the JavaScript API

Misty JavaScript (VSC Extension)

  • Added autocomplete functionality for a handful of existing API commands
  • Fixed argument order in misty.SendExternalRequest() description and autocomplete

Known Issues

New known issues are listed below. For a comprehensive list of known issues with the Misty platform, see the Known Issues section of the Community forums.

  • DriveTrack issues: When using the DriveTrack command in Misty’s REST and JavaScript API, passing in a negative value for the velocity parameters does not reverse the direction of Misty’s track motors as documented. Additionally, Misty ignores the system-wide velocity limit of 450 mm/s when running a DriveTrack command with parameter values of 100 for both track speeds. Under these conditions Misty can drive as fast as 1260 mm/s. Misty’s hazards system cannot safely prevent the robot from running into obstacles or driving off of ledges at these high speeds. For the safest, most robust driving experience, we recommend using Misty’s Drive, DriveTime, DriveArc, and DriveHeading commands.