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2019.10.08 Release Notes

Greetings, Misty developers!

Over the past few weeks the Misty engineering team has honed in on squashing bugs and improving the overall experience of building skills for Misty. Many changes in today’s update address issues revealed by the earliest backers to receive robots, and we owe a resounding “thank you!” to those of you who’ve been chatting with us here in the forums and elsewhere. We’re thrilled to make your feedback part of the Misty platform!

Along with changes to the robot’s system, we’ve updated the Command Center’s Navigation Module, fixed dozens of bugs across the web based tools, and resolved a few issues with the Misty App. We’ve also published the Misty JavaScript extension for Visual Studio Code to the Visual Studio Marketplace. Make sure to download this version of the extension to keep your tools up-to-date.

Note: A handful of improvements this release introduce changes that may break existing skill code. Make sure to read the full list of changes below to see whether they will impact your skills.

Thanks, as always, for being one of the earliest developers for Misty II. Your feedback shapes the platform and the future of personal robots, and we can’t wait to hear what you think!

Installing the Update

Misty’s software updates are delivered as over-the-air (“OTA”) updates, and Misty checks for updates each time she boots up. This release will be available to your Misty II within the next 24-48 hours (the precise timing varies by region). If Misty doesn’t automatically download the update the next time she boots up, you can check to see if the update is available via Misty’s Command Center.

Misty reboots once during a system update. All commands except Halt and Stop are disabled while Misty is updating. If Misty starts installing an update while she’s charging, do not disconnect her from her power source until the update is finished and her eyes are fully open.

If you have issues with a system update or need technical assistance for other reasons, for the quickest response you can:

  • Post a message to the Support category here in the Community forums.
  • Contact the Misty support team through the chat embedded in this site, or by emailing

Release Contents

Note: This system update is only available for Misty II robots. Misty I robots will not be updated with this release. If you are a field trial developer with a Misty II prototype, you can find the firmware and software version numbers for your robot in the Field Trial section of the Community Forums.

Misty II - Updates

  • Window IoT Core OS version: 10.0.17134 or higher - No updates
  • Android OS: (8.1) - No updates
  • Robot Version:
  • MC Version:
  • RT Version:
  • Sensory Services App Version: 1.3.9

Web Based Tools

  • Major changes listed

Misty JavaScript (VSC Extension)


  • No major changes

Misty App

  • Along with the update to Misty’s system, we are releasing a new version of the mobile Misty App this week. Major changes listed below.

New Features

This update is all about fixing bugs and improving features that are already in place. See below for the full list of changes!

Bug Fixes & Improvements

Misty II

Breaking Changes

  • Updated the misty.MoveArm(), misty.MoveArms(), and misty.MoveHead() methods in Misty’s JavaScript API to expect arguments in degrees instead of relative positional units
  • Removed misty.MoveArmsPosition(), misty.MoveArmPosition(), and misty.MoveHeadPosition() from Misty’s JavaScript API
  • Combined the functionality of misty.ForgetFace() and misty.ForgetAllFaces() methods into a single alternate method, misty.ForgetFaces(). Pass in a face ID to have Misty forget a specific face, or call the method without any arguments to delete records for all learned faces.
  • Removed misty.ForgetFace() and misty.ForgetAllFaces() from Misty’s JavaScript API


  • Improved pathfinding algorithm to increase tracking reliability when Misty executes a FollowPath command
  • Improved reliability of SLAM streaming
  • The system now only processes requests to get or set the exposure and gain for the fisheye camera when the SLAM system is streaming. When a request cannot be completed successfully, the system returns an error message.
  • Fixed SelfState event messages to correctly populate the value for the Pose property


  • Various improvements to log data
  • Fixed an issue where Misty would not play back audio files she recorded with her microphones via the Command Center or API commands
  • Fixed the misty.DriveHeading() in Misty’s JavaScript API
  • When you send a request to get Misty’s log files, the system now returns the log records in ascending order by date and time. If you specify a value for the date parameter, the system now returns log records for the specified date only.
  • Improved reliability of setting default audio playback levels at system startup
  • Command details for GetLogLevel and SetLogLevel now display in the response to GetHelp requests
  • Fixed the Created property in IMU event messages to display the correct value
  • Improved reliability of switching between computer vision and video services
  • Updated GetWebsocketHelp response to include information about all available event types
  • Added new property RobotRunMode to SelfState event messages to provide a way to programmatically determine whether Misty is booting up, booted and running, or updating.
  • Changed Misty’s default system volume to 70% of maximum volume.

Web Based Tools

All Web Based Tools

  • Various UI fixes and improvement
  • Added legal links to page footers
  • Disabled IP address input when already connected to a robot

Command Center

  • Added missing event types to the Advanced Options WebSocket subscription modal
  • Removed page headers and added nav highlighting to reflect which page is active
  • Added new battery icons
  • Improved various UI elements in Expression and Perception sections
  • Revised Perception section to include audio localization display
  • Removed old mapping interface from Command Center, and replaced with a more prominent link to the new Navigation Module
  • Revised various elements of the Navigation Module, including:
    • Added icon to indicate when Misty has pose
    • Added list of existing maps with option to select a map (set to current) and delete maps
    • Changed Path input field to allow editing
    • Added ability to set FollowPath parameters
    • Added ability to get a path to a set of coordinates
    • Added ability to get status of SLAM system
  • Fixed IMU information in Sensor Data section to display velocity values as meters per second, instead of meters per second squared
  • Fixed an issue where the Connect button failed to fully reset when the web page disconnected from a robot
  • Fixed an issue where tooltips failed to display correctly in Advanced Options modal
  • Corrected Drive Encoder information in Sensor Data section to display integers instead of decimal values
  • The web page now displays a toast message when a connected robot finishes installing a system update

Skill Runner

  • Fixed Start/Stop buttons in Skill Runner interface to always reflect current status of skills running on the connected robot
  • When generating a .json meta file, the system now automatically replaces any forbidden characters used in the skill name with an underscore
  • Updated .json meta file template to provide a default value of true for the CleanupOnCancel property

API Explorer

  • Command list now correctly populates using contents of the GetHelp response for connected robot
  • Fixed and added descriptions for several commands
  • Fixed command list to use command names consistent with names used in the developer documentation and elsewhere in the developer tools

Misty JavaScript (VSC Extension)

  • Updated autocomplete information with changes to Misty’s JavaScript API
  • When you try to upload a skill with the extension enabled, the extension now automatically generates a .json meta file for your skill if the meta file is not already present in the same directory as the JavaScript code file
  • Added skill debug info to console after upload
  • Added ability to save your robot’s IP address in the extension over multiple development sessions
  • Fixed an issue where autocomplete would fail if the string misty was not present in the JavaScript.
  • Fixed an issue where autocomplete would trigger on typing strings other than misty.

Misty App

  • Fixed an issue with the battery percentage display on the home screen
  • Fixed issues with joystick driving on Android devices
  • Fixed an issue where selecting the back button while connecting to a robot crashed the app on Android devices
  • Various UI improvements

New Known Issues

This system update does not introduce any new known issues. For a comprehensive list of known issues with the Misty platform, see the Known Issues section of the Community forums.


should these numbers begin with 2.3.9 instead of “1.3.9” ?

No, production versions re-started at 1.x.x

is the plan to make it monotonic, moving forward?

Pre-production versions do not count.

And yes production versioning is monotonic

Also, to clarify, the above versions are valid for production robots only.

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@slivingston - I’m not sure if you’ve still got an FEP prototype lying around, but if you do, I’ve started the practice of publishing version numbers for prototypes in the separate, closed-off section of the forums for field trial devs to avoid confusion. I’ll send you a link :slight_smile: