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2019.08.13 Release Notes

Greetings, Misty developers! We’re excited to announce the next system update for Misty II robots. Among other fixes and improvements, this release includes an early version of Misty’s internal hazards system. The hazards system uses data from Misty’s sensors to prevent her from executing commands that may bring her harm. After the update, your robot will automatically stop driving when she detects a high ledge or when her bump sensors indicate she’s run into something.

To enable the hazards system to work effectively, this update also limits Misty’s max speed to ~450 mm/s. This speed is quite a bit slower than what you may be used to, and you may need to update the parameters for drive commands in your skill code. We’ve also updated the filenames for Misty’s default image assets (you can see a full list of breaking changes in the section below).

As always, thank you for being one of the first developers for the Misty platform. Your feedback plays a huge role in Misty’s ongoing improvement, and we can’t wait to hear what you think!

Note: Misty’s software updates are delivered as over-the-air (“OTA”) updates. This release will be available to your Misty II within the next 24-48 hours (the precise timing varies by region). If Misty doesn’t automatically download the update the next time she boots up, you can check to see if the update is available via Misty’s Command Center.

Misty reboots once during a system update. All commands except Halt and Stop are disabled while Misty is updating. If Misty starts installing an update while she’s charging, do not disconnect her from her power source until the update is finished and her eyes are fully open.

If you have issues with a system upgrade or need technical assistance for other reasons, for the quickest response you can:

Release Contents

This system update is only available for EP2 and FEP Misty II prototypes. Misty I robots will not be updated with this release. Both EP2 and FEP Misty II prototypes will receive this system update, however the firmware and software version numbers are not the same for EP2 and FEP units. If you’re not sure which prototype you have, see our post in the Field Trial section of the Community Forums. You can also reply to this thread for help.

  • Misty II FEP - Updates
    • Window IoT Core OS: version 10.0.17134 or higher - No updates
    • Android OS: (8.1) No updates
    • Home Robot App: version
    • MC firmware: version
    • RT firmware: version
    • Sensory Services App: version
  • Misty II EP2 - Updates
    • Window IoT Core OS: version 10.0.17134 or higher - No updates
    • Android OS: (8.1) No updates
    • Home Robot app: version
    • MC firmware: version
    • RT firmware: version
    • Sensory Service app: version
  • Misty I - No Updates
    • Window IoT Core OS: version 10.0.17134 or higher - No updates
    • Android OS: (7) No updates
    • Home Robot app: version - No Updates
    • MC firmware: version - No Updates
    • RT firmware: version - No Updates
    • Sensory Service app: version - No Updates
  • Web-based tools - No Major Changes
  • Docs - No Major Changes

New Features

  • Misty’s chest LED now pulses orange when she’s powered on and charging.
  • You can now see the settings for Misty’s blinking behavior by sending a request to the new GetBlinkSettings endpoint.
  • Misty now uses an early version of her built-in hazards system to automatically stop driving when she runs into something or detects a high ledge. After this update, the hazards system will prevent Misty from driving over a ledge when she detects a drop distance of 60 mm or greater, and will stop Misty from driving in the direction of any activated bump sensors.
    • When Misty’s detects an obstacle or ledge, she enters a “hazard” state and does not execute any commands that would make that hazard state worse. For example, when driving forward, if one of Misty’s front-facing bump sensors is pressed, or if the downward-facing time-of-flight sensors detect a high ledge in front of the robot, Misty stops driving. In this case, the system would prevent Misty from executing any forward drive commands until the sensors indicate that she’s no longer in that hazard state.
    • With this release of the hazards system, we’ve capped Misty’s max drive speed at ~450 mm/s. This is the max speed at which Misty can safely detect most ledges and stop moving, without being carried over by any built-up momentum. Note: While edge detection has proven effective in most of our testing, there are still situations in which the robot may fail to catch herself. It’s more difficult for the hazard system to detect an edge when Misty is driving backwards or on tables with rounded edges. The larger the radius of the curve, the harder it is for Misty to stop moving in time to prevent falling. Until further enhancements to the hazards system are in place, we recommend you continue to operate Misty using the foam block on high surfaces like tables, countertops, and desks, unless you are supervising Misty and can safely catch her in the event of a fall and have also done extensive testing with the robot in your specific environments.
    • We’ll be enhancing this system system in future updates to allow for an increased performance of the hazards system and to increase the default max speed.
    • You can subscribe to HazardNotification events to stream information from the hazards system. Use these event messages to see which sensors triggered the hazard state and to programmatically alter Misty’s course. You can also customize certain elements of the hazard system by sending a request to the UpdateBaseHazardManagementSettings endpoint.
  • SelfState events now return the status and activity of Misty’s RGB camera as key/value pairs in the new cameraStatus data object. Subscribe to cameraStatus to see whether the camera is ready before taking a picture, and to check whether the camera is active before using it for another purpose.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

Misty II

Breaking Changes

  • Misty’s max speed is now ~450 mm/s. This is the speed at which Misty’s hazards system can safely stop the robot from driving over most ledges. If your skills use higher speeds than 450 mm/s, you may need to update your code.
  • Misty’s default image assets are now prefixed with an e_ (for “eyes”) instead of DefaultEyes_. This change makes it easier to enter asset filenames in your skill code. You’ll need to update your skill code to use the new filenames for Misty’s default system assets.


  • Improved system memory use, speed, and responsiveness when processing multiple commands from skills
  • Misty’s default system assets can no longer be deleted or overwritten.

New Known Issues

This list includes new known issues with this system update. For a comprehensive list of known issues with the Misty platform, see the Known Issues section of the Community forums.