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2019.06.18 Release Notes

Welcome, Misty Developers!

We’re excited to announce Misty’s next system update. As with the last update, the primary contents of this release are bug fixes and improvements to harden the platform as we prepare for shipment later this year. See all the details below!

Note: This system update is only available for Misty II field trial robots. Misty I robots will not be updated with this release.

Because Misty’s software updates are delivered as over-the-air (“OTA”) updates, Misty will automatically download and install the update within the next 24 hours (the precise timing of the update’s availability may vary by region). You also have the option of checking to see if the update is available and initiating the process yourself via the Command Center.

Important: When Misty’s battery is charged or she is connected to power, she checks for and installs available updates each time she boots up. Misty reboots once during a system update. All commands except Halt and Stop are disabled while Misty is updating. If Misty starts to install an update while charging, please do not disconnect Misty from her power source until her eyes are fully open again.

As always, we look forward to your feedback!

Note: If you have issues with a system upgrade or need technical assistance for other reasons, for the quickest response you can:

  • Post a message to the Support category here in the Community forums. Mention @support in your post.
  • Post a message in MistyCommunity Slack in the technical_support channel.

Release Contents

  • Misty II - Updates
    • Window IoT Core OS: version 10.0.17134 or higher - No updates
    • Android OS: (8) No updates
    • Home Robot app: version
    • MC firmware: version
    • RT firmware: version
    • Sensory Service app:
  • Misty I - No Updates
    • Window IoT Core OS: version 10.0.17134 or higher - No updates
    • Android OS: (7) No updates
    • Home Robot app: version - No Updates
    • MC firmware: version - No Updates
    • RT firmware: version - No Updates
    • Sensory Service app: version - No Updates
  • Dev Toolkit - Updates (major changes listed below)
  • Misty Community GitHub: No Updates
  • Misty Sample Skills GitHub: No Updates
  • Docs: Updates

Bug Fixes & Improvements

Misty II

  • Improved the PID drive algorithm that Misty uses for better control via Misty’s drive commands.
  • Modified inertial measurement unit (IMU) event data to follow a right-handed coordinate system and adjusted the accelerometer to use the same coordinate system. Now, when Misty is sitting on the ground, data from the IMU sensor should indicate negative acceleration along the Z axis (indicating the force gravity).
  • Optimized the performance of tasks that use IMU sensor data.
  • Fixed a bug where Misty changed her IP address multiple times on rebooting.
  • Adjusted Misty’s “path” driving commands (FollowPath and DriveToCoordinates) to use the same PID libraries and tuning as her other drive commands.
  • Various changes to improve the performance of Misty’s computer vision service.
  • Various behind-the-scenes improvements to harden Misty’s update process.

Dev Toolkit

  • On connecting to a robot, the Manage section of the Skill Runner web page now indicates which skills (if any) are currently running.

New Known Issues

There are no new known issues with this release. For all known issues with Misty I and Misty II field trial robots, see the Known Issues section of these forums.