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2019.02.27 Release Notes

Welcome, Misty I Developers!

We’re excited to announce Misty’s first system update of 2019. Along with general stability improvements, this release includes new API commands for recording video clips with Misty’s 4K camera. If you’re participating in the Misty II field trial, please note that this update is only available for Misty I Developer Edition robots. Misty II prototypes will receive the features from this update at a later date.

Because the release is being delivered as an over-the-air ("OTA") update, Misty will automatically update herself at her next reboot. You also have the option of starting the update yourself via:

Important: Misty reboots once during a system update. The execution of all commands except Halt and Stop is disabled while Misty is updating. Please do not disconnect Misty from her power source until her eyes are fully open again.

As always, we look forward to your feedback!

Note: If you have issues with a system upgrade or need technical assistance for other reasons, for the quickest response you can:

  • Post a message to the Support category here in the Community forums.
  • Mention @support with your post.
  • Post a message in MistyCommunity Slack in the technical_support channel.


  • Window IoT Core OS: 10.0.17134 - No updates
  • Android OS: (7) No updates
  • Home Robot app: version
  • MC firmware: version
  • RT firmware: version
  • Sensory Service app: version
  • Mobile application
    • iOS: v1.1.275 - No updates
    • Android: v1.1.0 (94) - No updates
  • Tools
  • Misty Community GitHub
    • Updates. Reorganized contents.
  • Misty Community Skills
    • Updates. New skills available.
  • Docs
    • Updates

New Features

Note: Capabilities released as “alpha” quality are not feature complete, may change in the future, and have had minimal testing.

  • Ability to record video clips with Misty’s 4K camera and download recorded videos to an external device.
  • Ability to connect Misty to a specific WiFi network using the misty.SetNetworkConnection() command with the on-robot JavaScript API.
  • Ability to get list of all skills currently running on Misty. Access this list in code running on Misty by calling the misty.GetRunningSkills() command, or get the list from another device by sending a request to the REST endpoint for GetRunningSkills.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Optimized the execution of action-type commands in code running on the robot to improve skill performance.
  • Improved Misty’s event system to ensure relevant data is always sent for registered events.
  • Improved the stability of OTA updates by disabling the execution of all commands except Halt and Stop while Misty is updating.

Known Issues

Network, Audio, & Battery

  • Blank/empty passwords or networks with multi-layer security are not currently supported for network onboarding.
  • Audio files played in the browser by the GetAudioFile command are at a very low volume.
  • The volume of audio is very low in videos that Misty records.
  • The battery charger will only charge the robot if it is replugged into the robot after each time that the robot is turned on.
  • When using the "Perform System Update" button in the API Explorer to prompt a system update, the browser may display a message that says "Failed to Send Update", even when the command has successfully been sent to the robot.

Driving, Mapping, & Navigation

  • Mapping a large room with many obstacles can consume all of the memory resources on the processor used for mapping and crash the device.
  • Some Misty I and some Misty II prototypes may generate inaccurate maps due to depth sensor calibration flaws.
  • The USB cable connecting the headboard to the Occipital Structure Core depth sensor is known to fail in some Misty prototypes. This can cause intermittent or non-working mapping and localization functionality.
  • The Halt command sometimes fails to stop the motors controlling Misty’s head.
  • The covering for the time-of-flight sensors can create false positives for close distance detection, which causes the robot to refuse to move. A workaround is to force the robot to detect a further distance by standing in front of it.
  • Inconsistent behavior with the LocomotionTrack command when attempting to drive the robot backward.
  • Issues with the speed/reliability of data coming from the Occipital Structure Core depth sensor’s USB connection is causing the robot to have issues with successfully obtaining pose.
  • The FollowPath command results in the robot driving to specified waypoints only about 30% of the time.
  • Observed issues with retrieving a new map after completing the start/stop mapping process in API Explorer.
  • Misty’s chest LED and time-of-flight sensors can stop working after Misty is turned on for a long period of time.

Image Handling and Computer Vision

  • When using GetRecordedVideo, the video returned to your browser or REST client doesn’t play back with any audio. To hear audio, you must download the file to your computer and change the file type extension to .mp4 (instead of .wav).
  • Misty’s 4K Camera does not currently take photos at 4K resolution. Currently this camera takes photos at a default resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels, and the size and resolution of captured photos cannot be increased above the default.
  • Specifying values for the width and height parameters of SaveImageAssetToRobot does not work to resize images with a .png file type extension.
  • Images are not correctly centering themselves when a user-added image is displayed on Misty.
  • Performance issues with head movement and display commands after the robot has been continuously on for about an hour.

Companion App

  • When onboarding a robot with the Misty Companion app, the IP address may not display in the app even after a connection is established. Closing the app and repeating the connection process will allow the IP address to be displayed.
  • Misty’s battery percentage does not display in the Misty Companion app.
  • Attempts to create a map with the Misty Companion app results in mapping failing for the remainder of the session about 10% of the time.
  • The Misty Companion app on Moto z2 devices contains overlapping buttons on the map screen.
  • It takes longer than it should to retrieve a "no map" response after a failed mapping attempt on the Misty Companion app.
  • There is an observable delay between joystick movement and the robot driving while using the Misty Companion app.
  • When changing networks via the Misty Companion app, the older IP address remains for several seconds after the network has been changed.