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2018.04.19 Release Notes

Welcome, Misty I Developers!

This current release has a variety of changes and fixes, from adding new API commands to addressing the issue with our last update. You can download the current update now and install it yourself. You might also want to check out our newly published manual update video.

We look forward to your feedback!

Note: If you have issues with a system upgrade or need technical assistance for other reasons, for the quickest response you can:

  • Post a message to the Support category here in the Community forums.
  • Mention @support with your post.
  • Post a message in MistyCommunity Slack in the technical_support channel.


  • Windows IoT Core OS: No updates
  • Android OS: No updates
  • HomeRobot app: version
  • HomeRobot API: Update for new commands: DeleteAudioAssetFromRobot, DeleteImageAssetFromRobot, GetWebsocketHelp (Beta)
  • Motor Controller (MC) firmware: version
  • Real Time (RT) Controller firmware: version
  • Occipital Structure Core firmware: No updates
  • Sensor service app: No updates
  • Companion app: No updates
  • Tools
  • Skills
  • Documentation (major changes listed)
    • Expanded descriptions for working with audio and image files in the API Explorer.

Software Changes

  • Commands to delete user-uploaded audio and image files are now available in Blocky, API Explorer, and the REST and JavaScript APIs.
  • GetWebsocketHelp beta command now available in REST and JavaScript APIs.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed issue with over-the-air updates for Real Time Controller firmware and Motor Controller firmware by correctly setting the timer so the process is more reliable.
  • HomeRobot app: LocomotionTrack parameter value range in HomeRobot app now matches that of Real Time Controller firmware.
  • HomeRobot app: Reduced start up time for HomeRobot app (now less than one minute from power up to robot being operational).
  • HomeRobot app: Improved Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) communication between the DragonBoard 410c development board and the Real Time Controller board.
  • Improved Misty’s execution of simultaneous commands.
  • Fixed a bug in the ChangeDisplayImage command which was attempting to display a new image while the image was still being saved.
  • Added groundwork for SDK support.

Ongoing Known Issues

  • Occipital Structure Core depth sensor is not starting up and obtaining pose reliably.
  • Misty’s connection with the companion app can be unreliable over Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connections, especially on some Android devices.
  • The new version of Blockly has issues with Safari support. Safari users are recommended to use the legacy version of Blockly.
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