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2018.03.27 Release Notes

Welcome, Misty 1 Developers!

How did installing and running the last release go for you? We’re eager to hear your experiences.

While we’re hard at work on bigger changes, we want to keep providing improvements to you at the same time. This current bi-weekly release only includes improvements to Blockly, but we do encourage you to download it and give it a try.

Don’t forget to let us know about any questions or thoughts below. Thank you!


  • Windows IoT Core OS: No updates
  • Android OS: No updates
  • HomeRobot app: No updates
  • API: No updates
  • Motor Controller (MC) firmware: No updates
  • Real Time (RT) Controller firmware: No updates
  • Occipital Structure Core firmware: No updates
  • Sensor service app: No updates
  • Companion app: No updates
  • Tools
  • Skills (available in the Misty I GitHub skill repo)
    • No updates
  • Documentation (major changes listed)
    • New section on performing system updates manually

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Blockly workspace now fills the entire window.

Ongoing Known Issues

  • Occipital Structure Core depth sensor is not starting up and obtaining pose reliably.
  • The Alpha command SlamGetPath does not work reliably.
  • Misty’s connection with the companion app can be unreliable over Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connections, especially on some Android devices.
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