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2018.03.12 Release Notes

Welcome, Misty 1 Developers! The following release has been created specifically to support current Misty I Beta (aka “0.7”) robots. Unlike the last release, that was installed for you, we’ve set up the newest version of the API Explorer for you to use to install this release yourself.

PLEASE do not hesitate to reach out in our Support channels, if you have any issues installing the release. And don’t forget to let us know about any other questions or thoughts below. Thanks!


  • Windows IoT Core OS: 10.0.16299.x
  • Android OS: 7.0
  • HomeRobot app: version
  • API: version N/A
  • Motor Controller (MC) firmware: version
  • Real Time (RT) Controller firmware: version
  • Occipital Structure Core firmware: version 0.7.1
  • Sensor service app: version
  • Companion app: no changes
  • Tools
  • Skills (available in the Misty I GitHub skill repo)
    • Explore: This skill uses Misty’s map-making ability to autonomously determine where to drive in order to fill out a map.
    • Roar: If someone gets too close, Misty roars like a lion to scare them away.
    • Wander: Using time-of-flight sensor data, Misty can use this skill to intelligently avoid obstacles.
  • Documentation (major changes listed)
    • API Explorer page updated for changes with new Misty API Explorer version and includes more and enhanced process descriptions
    • Blockly page updated for changes with new Misty Blockly version

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Improved relocalization support in the Occipital Structure Core depth sensor better allows Misty to perform simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) tasks.
  • Pipeline improvements to support better performance for API commands.
  • Reduced CPU usage for multiple scenarios.
  • Improved reliability for the Stop command.
  • API explorer UI update to indicate whether commands are Production/Beta/Alpha quality and improve the mapping experience.
  • More reliable and enhanced reporting of status for the Occipital Structure Core depth sensor.
  • Mapping coordinate results have been updated to be consistent across all clients.
  • More complete processor logging available (from both the 410 and 820 processors) for support and debugging.
  • Better Motor Controller firmware tuning to improve Misty’s driving smoothness for various levels of battery charge.
  • API development status now indicated in API Explorer, Blockly, and API documentation:
    • “Production ready” - feature complete and tested, and no known issues
    • “Beta” - feature complete and tested, but has known issues
    • “Alpha” - not feature complete nor fully tested

Ongoing Known Issues

  • Occipital Structure Core depth sensor is not starting up and obtaining pose reliably.
  • Misty’s connection with the companion app can be unreliable over Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connections, especially on some Android devices.
  • When uploading an image in Blockly, the “List of image files available” block does not automatically update. You must refresh before seeing a newly added image as part of the list. This is not the case for sound uploads, which are immediately added to the audio clip list.