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2018.02.06 Release Notes

Welcome, Misty 1 Developers, to Misty Robotics’ first-ever release notes! Misty is making progress by leaps and bounds, so read on for details. And don’t forget to speak up with any questions or thoughts below.

Release Contents

  • HomeRobot app: version
  • API: version n/a
  • Motor Controller (MC) firmware: version
  • Real Time (RT) firmware: version
  • Occipital Structure Core firmware: version 0.6.4
  • Sensor service app: version 1
  • Tools
  • Mobile application (Note: If you experience any issues with installing the newest version of the companion app, try deleting the currently installed version prior to upgrading.)
    • iOS: version 1.0.0 (Build = 1.0.14)
    • Android: version 14 (Build = 1.0.14)

Hardware Changes

  • The Motor Controller & Real Time Controller resistors are being modified to enable over the air (OTA) updates.
  • Misty’s tracks are being replaced with wheels to improve carpet navigation.
  • Misty is getting a glass cover for her Occipital sensor.
  • Misty’s wiring harness is being improved to better support communication reliability and facilitate OTA updates.

Software Changes

  • Support for over the air (OTA) software updates.
  • API endpoints are now accessed via port 80 instead of 2010.
  • The API Explorer (formerly known as the API Sample Client) can subscribe to new events, objects, and raw sensor readings to provide more real-time information. (If you don’t see these changes, try clearing your browser cache.) These include:
    • ActuatorPosition
    • ActuatorPositionCommand
    • AmbientLight
    • BatteryCharge
    • BumpSensor
    • ChargingStation
    • ComputerVision
    • DebugInput
    • DebugOutput
    • DisplayControlCommand
    • Distance
    • DriveActionCommand
    • DriveTimeActionCommand
    • HardwareVersion
    • IlluminationCommand
    • IMU
    • LocomotionCommand
    • LocomotionTrackCommand
    • OpticalSensor
    • PersonWorldObject
    • SelfState
    • StringMessage
    • TimeOfFlight
    • Ultrasonic
    • Version
    • WorldState

Bug Fixes

  • Better API thread management (Misty should experience some performance improvements).
  • Improved behavior of Drive command (Misty should “shudder” less).
  • Improved reliability of communication between the Snapdragon processor and Real Time (RT) module (Misty should more reliably execute commands).

In Flux

The items below are included in this release, but may not be included in future releases:

  • Companion App: Displays additional robot information (including output capabilities, sensor capabilities, and IP address).
  • Companion App: Displays the current version numbers of some components (including RT Board and Window IoT core OS).
  • Companion App: Mapping appearance is updated.

Ongoing Known Issues

  • Waypoint navigation does not work.
  • The SLAM sensor does not start up and obtain pose reliably.
  • Controlling Misty via the companion app over Bluetooth, especially on iOS, is unreliable.