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1/8/18 - 1/12/18: ces


We’ll be headed to Las Vegas and the spectacle that is the Consumer Electronics Show. We’re sure there will be tons of robots to check out and we’ll be doing our best to find them all (and video them!). If you cannot make it to CES this year, we’ll have you covered with a robo-recap of our own that we’ll post in the weeks to follow.

If you will be at CES, be sure to hit us up (you can mention @Ben, @CHRIS_IS_MISTICAL, @tenwall and @arobodude) and we can perhaps even give you a sneak preview of the Misty robot. We won’t be in the expo hall but rather we are establishing a covert base of operations from which we’ll survey the landscape in the beginning of a year that is sure to have a lot of robot news!