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This is where the Misty Robotics team will post official news and updates.

Misty Development

All topics relating to development on the Misty Robot platform, including software and hardware extensions. See subcategories for specific topics.

Misty Skills

Skills are the abilities that you can create by writing software for your Misty Robot. In addition, you can share skills with other inventors.


When we talk about robots one of the first things people ask is “can I see them?”. We want to make sure we are out and about introducing as many developers to Misty robots as we can. We’ll post info about where we are going to be as well as recaps of those events, meetups, and workshops.

Developer Support

Post in this category to get support on topics such as programming Misty skills, creating accessories, Misty’s functions, or other aspects of the Misty experience that you would like explained. Fellow community members and Misty staff frequent this topic and help out.

Feature Requests

Share and discuss the features you’d like to see added, here. Make a new topic for each and vote on the ones you like!


Post the bugs you find, here. We have yet to roll out the full Misty Bug Bounty program we envision, but those who post bugs here are still likely to receive a nice gift (and assured to receive our praise)

Show & Tell

Sharing is the key! (not perfection) Proudly show off your work and share your stories of Misty in your life. These don’t have to be complete skills—feel free to share your works-in-progress to get the views of others.

Robots & Robot News

You guessed it! This category is for sharing news about robots. Share away!

Misty EDU

The Misty EDU category is for all topics relating to Misty and robotics in education. Use this category to discuss your projects, brainstorm, share interesting articles, and collaborate with other educational professionals.


Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.