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iOS Companion App is down (3)

The Misty Companion App is currently unavailable in TestFlight. If you already have the app installed, you won’t be able to open it. We know the source of the problem and are working to resolve it, but unfortunately do n…

About the Known Issues category (1)
Misty cannot connect to unprotected wifi networks (8)
Issues with obtaining "pose" for mapping/navigation (1)
Maps can be inaccurate due to depth sensor calibration fault (4)
Mapping system crashes while mapping large, complex areas (3)
Mapping doesn't work consistently due to USB cable fault (2)
Potential Hardware Issues with Failed Updates (4)
Delays driving Misty with Companion App (1)
Uploaded image isn't centered on Misty's display (1)
Map doesn't always appear in API Explorer (1)
FollowPath() doesn't work every time (1)
Misty cannot connect to networks with multi-layer security (1)
Companion App connected but no IP or battery % shown (1)
Issues using LocomotionTrack() to drive backward (1)
Battery plugged in but not charging (1)
Robot doesn't move, even if nothing is in the way (1)
GetDeviceInformation() returns incomplete data (1)
Unplugging Misty during an update can cause issues (1)
The Companion App can't make a connection with Misty (1)
Misty's battery discharges while she's off (1)
Misty is running into things (1)
Misty I arrived with her side panels removed (1)
Misty I arrived with a disconnected SLAM sensor (1)
Time of Flight sensors may need cleaning (1)
Misty I arrived with disconnected battery (1)
Font errors in JavaScript console with API Explorer (1)
Mapping coordinates appear inverted in API Explorer maps (2)
Audio playback volume too quiet and not adjustable (1)
Lost Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection (1)