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Known Issues Visit this category to find out if that strange thing you’re experiencing… is actually a strange thing that we’re all experiencing!
About the Support category [Support] (2)
Misty can't resize PNG files [Known Issues] (1)
Misty's 4K camera doesn't take images at full resolution [Known Issues] (1)
Audio playback volume too quiet and not adjustable [Known Issues] (1)
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Short term limitation: Unable to stop audio clip once it's playing [Known Issues] (5)
Companion App connected but no IP or battery % shown [Known Issues] (3)
GetDeviceInformation() returns incomplete data [Known Issues] (3)
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iOS Companion App is down [Known Issues] (4)
Turn off fans temporarily [Support] (3)
Documenation error? [Support] (6)
Maps can be inaccurate due to depth sensor calibration fault [Known Issues] (4)
Mapping system crashes while mapping large, complex areas [Known Issues] (3)
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Low battery levels? [Support] (3)
Potential Hardware Issues with Failed Updates [Known Issues] (4)
Delays driving Misty with Companion App [Known Issues] (1)
Uploaded image isn't centered on Misty's display [Known Issues] (1)
Map doesn't always appear in API Explorer [Known Issues] (1)
FollowPath() doesn't work every time [Known Issues] (1)
Misty cannot connect to networks with multi-layer security [Known Issues] (1)
Not sound when testing audio assets [Support] (7)
Issues using LocomotionTrack() to drive backward [Known Issues] (1)
Battery plugged in but not charging [Known Issues] (1)
Robot doesn't move, even if nothing is in the way [Known Issues] (1)
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