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Feature Requests

About the Feature Requests category (2)
Connect Misty and Alexa (14)
Python library for Misty (14)
GraphQL as a data query language (13)
Any plans to support IFTTT? (6)
Roadmap for client libraries? (4)
Check out our "Roadmap" tool (1)
Ability to have a relationship model that understands how humans are related (5)
Snap-on/Slide-in body (3)
Delete Image and Audio files from Misty (3)
Integrate Google Home with Misty (1)
Letting Misty recognize sensation and touch (4)
QR to connect Wifi (4)
Canary integration (2)
Product Board Feature Requests (2)
Integrate Misty with Apple HomeKit (1)
Any interest in developing a ROS 2.0 version of Misty? (3)
Robot Arm for Misty II (9)
Add Misty's blinking pictures for emotion options (4)
A Mounting Bracket for Misty's Head (6)
Persistent data storage between reboots (4)
Connecting to Wireless Networks with a username and password (2)
Metal gear servos and brushless motors (11)