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Town Hall Meetings Workshops We will be planning workshops nearly every month throughout 2019. Some of these will be held at our office in Boulder, others may be in other parts of the country (or North America). We may even do virtual workshops at times. This will be the place to get info about these.
About the Events category [Events] (1)
[POSTPONED] Introduction to Programming Misty II (3/23) - Boulder Edition [Workshops] (6)
March Townhall (3/20)- Using Arduino and External Camera's with Misty II [Town Hall Meetings] (2)
CES Robots 2019 [Events] (3)
Bay Area Workshop - 2/23/19 [Workshops] (3)
Developer Week SF (Feb 21st - 22nd) + Workshop (Feb 23rd) [Events] (4)
Depth Sensing Design for Robotics [Events] (2)
BoulderJS Meetup group at Misty! [Events] (1)
January Townhall [Town Hall Meetings] (7)
Recurring Town Hall Meetings [Town Hall Meetings] (2)
Misty's December Townhall [Town Hall Meetings] (2)
What's on your mind? Let's create an agenda for our next Town Hall meeting [Town Hall Meetings] (9)
Developer Week Austin - Nov 6-8 [Events] (2)
Denver Maker Faire - Oct 13-14 [Events] (1)
THAT Conference, WI - Aug 6-8 [Events] (4)
Denver Startup Week - Founders Hour w/ Jim Franklin [Events] (1)
New York World Maker Faire! [Events] (5)
An update about Misty's first ever robot hackathon [Events] (1)
1/8/18 - 1/12/18: ces [Events] (1)