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Misty Development   What Will You Build?

About the What Will You Build? category (4)
New skills for Misty_voice/speech ( 2 ) (21)
Flashlight assistant (2)
Misty Simulator (6)
Rubbish Sorting (4)
What's your "killer app" for Misty? (7)
Giving Robots Personality (2)
Integrate Misty with wire-free camera (4)
Misty could be a companion to a young child who is afraid of being alone, afraid of finding bugs in the room, etc (3)
Misty Moving Alarm Clock (3)
Misty would function as a "nanny" for an infant when the infant is placed in a crib (5)
Develop interpersonal skills (12)
Read a bedtime story (3)
The In-Game Companion (3)
By my remote presence in the office or home (18)
An assistant for the disabled- no monkey required (4)
Misty Millennial Office Assistant (4)
A robot soap opera (3)
Kettlebell swing counter (1)
The lost item finder (3)
Counselor Assistant (1)
Come over here Misty! (2)
A greeter - at the office, at home, at the AirBnB (2)
A package sentry robot (3)
Misty API Wrapper in Elixir (1)
Scan incoming pallets / boxes (5)
What Functions and how could they be used? (3)
STEM virtual exchange program (1)
The email engagement assistant (1)
Misty "shame" skill (2)