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Misty FAQ We’re using this category to track and answer as many questions as we can regarding Misty II and Misty I robots. Tutorials This category is for sharing and discussing Misty tutorials. What Will You Build? At Misty, we’ve thought a lot about what we could ask a personal robot to do for us. After each brainstorming session, however, we are struck by just how many more things there are that people will think up for Misty robots to do. We know each home, each office, each life has its own unique aspects and challenges. Missions We’re excited to announce the launch of Misty’s Mission program! Getting Started Welcome to the Misty Community if you’re new around here, start here but don’t yet have a robot. We encourage you to check out the latest posts by community members and Misty team members. A lot of that discussion can be found in General Robot Discussion and Robot News categories.
Topic Replies Activity
About the Misty Development category 2 December 21, 2017
Can't Seem to Update Misty II 5 February 21, 2020
Training Mission: Hello World 21 February 20, 2020
Updated Python Wrapper! 11 February 19, 2020
Using Google TTS with Misty 6 February 14, 2020
ROS wrapper? proposal, ideas 5 February 13, 2020
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Misty VM; contributions welcome! 3 February 7, 2020
Which API to use? 5 February 3, 2020
Training Mission: Code a Robot Concierge Skill

Mission Objective: Use the Misty Concierge Template to code a concierge skill for Misty II! Mission Type: Training Launch Date: 1/30/2020 End Date: Ongoing Mission Overview Earlier this year we launched Misty II Appl…

3 January 31, 2020
Mission: Contribute to the Misty-Concierge-Template Project on GitHub

Mission Objective: Contribute to the Misty-Concierge-Template on GitHub for a chance to win some Misty gear! Mission Type: Competitive Launch Date: 1/30/2020 End Date: 3/13/2020 Mission Now that you’ve completed the …

3 January 31, 2020
Q. Can I add my own hardware onto Misty? 2 January 28, 2020
Q: How do I connect to or use the Misty App with Misty? 32 January 27, 2020
Misty Conversation skill help 7 January 27, 2020
Training Mission: Coding Misty to Recognize Emotions 17 January 20, 2020
Q. What are the specs on Misty II? 4 January 17, 2020
Gif image display 2 January 16, 2020
Name Misty and Gender 5 January 11, 2020
Mission: Build an Emotional Analysis Skill 3 December 20, 2019
Wake Word Javascript Help 13 December 20, 2019
Q. Where can I get help? What are the hours / service level expectations for support? 1 December 22, 2017
Q. What are the full capabilities of the Structure Core Sensor? 1 October 4, 2019
Training Mission: Explore Misty's .NET SDK 10 December 20, 2019
.NET SDK as part of other C# projects 2 December 18, 2019
Sandbox for safely learning on Misty 3 December 17, 2019
Need sounds for your Misty skills? 1 December 16, 2019
Training Mission: Obstacle Avoidance & Autonomous Locomotion 5 December 13, 2019
Mission: Connect Misty to your Favorite External API 8 December 7, 2019
Mission: Share your Hello World Skill 12 December 6, 2019
Is it possible for Misty to download a Skill (i.e., skill files from Azure server) and install and run the skill (without using Skill Runner)? 3 December 4, 2019