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Misty Development

Misty I FAQ We’re using this category to track and answer as many questions as we can regarding the Misty I Developer Edition and Misty I Developer Edition Prototype robots. Misty I Skills Use this category to share your early skills development efforts with Misty I. Share links to gists or Github repos or simoply share code here (using the &lt;/&gt; code button keeps it looking nice) Misty Skills Skills are the abilities that you can create by writing software for your Misty Robot. In addition, you can share skills with other inventors. Post in this category to discuss the development of skills, share skills, or ask questions about developing skills. Getting Started Welcome to the Misty Community if you’re new around here, start here but don’t yet have a robot. We encourage you to check out the latest posts by community members and Misty team members. A lot of that discussion can be found in <a href="">General Robot Discussion</a> and <a href="">Robot News</a> categories. Misty Accessories Accessories are the hardware add-ons that you can create for your Misty Robot. In addition, you can share ideas, files, and other information about accessories with other inventors. Post in this category to discuss the design, creation, and iteration of hardware attachments such as arms, backpacks, trailers, and anything else you can dream up. What Will You Build? At Misty, we’ve thought a lot about what we could ask a personal robot to do for us. After each brainstorming session, however, we are struck by just how many more things there are that people will think up for Misty robots to do. We know each home, each office, each life has its own unique aspects and challenges. Misty I Development Welcome to the Misty community! We’re excited that you’re one of the earliest people outside Misty’s walls to experience Misty robots. We’ve put together this category to contain the things you need to get started on your journey. Tutorials This category is for sharing and discussing Misty tutorials.
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